Tofu( Bean Curd / Soy Paneer )

Tofu (Bean Curd/ Soy Paneer) is a processed Soybean Food Product. It is off-white or creamish in colour. Tofu is the most popular among the Soy milk products. It is the healthy vegan delight substitute of Dairy Paneer. Tofu is manufactured by coagulating the very hot Soy milk exactly in the same manner as coagulating the hot Dairy milk to manufacture Dairy Paneer. Tofu being tasteless & odourless food product can easily & seamlessly assimilates in to the taste & flavour of the recipes in which it is added for its use. So, Tofu is a very versatile food product & can be used in multi cuisine all over the world.

Tofu being very protein rich, is a highly perishable food product as Dairy food products. So, unlike all other Tofu manufacturers, it is aseptically vacuum packed by our innovative manufacturing process for achieving its freshness along with its enhanced shelf life but it needs to be stored under normal refrigeration. Remainder unused or unpacked Tofu after cooking should be refrigerated by well submerging in the cold fresh drinking water dissolved with a pinch of common salt in a bowl & such sultry drinking water in the bowl should be changed in 6-8 hours of intervals. Never deep freeze Tofu. In such storage conditions out of vacuum pack Tofu remains fresh up to 10 calendar days depending upon quality of water in which it is submerged to store & refrigeration conditions. Unrefrigerated Tofu should be kept submerged under cold water dissolved with pinch of common salt & such sultry water should be changed after every 2-3 hours in summer & thrice a day in the winter.

But it is recommended that Tofu should be consumed within 2-3 days after unpacking from the vacuum pack similarly like dairy products. If mistakenly Tofu gets stored in deep freeze or gets frozen in the chiller then it becomes very hard like a brick & also turns brick red. On thawing its colour is retained back to original off white but it changes its texture or made up formation to become fragile & quickly disintegrate without holding itself in its shape

If Tofu is deep fried then it becomes chewy or rubbery that is not relished by many. Tofu is a very delicate food product so never to be deep freezed or deep fried. As Tofu contains considerable iron so it becomes pinkish when remained in open air over considerable time. Tofu should be consumed as fresh as possible to relish its fresh goodness.So Tofu can be seamlessly substituted in popular Indian cuisine recipes like Matar Tofu (Paneer), Palak Tofu (Paneer), Tofu (Paneer) Butter Masala, Tofu (Paneer) Paratha, Tofu (Paneer) Pakora, Tofu (Paneer) Tikka, Tofu (Paneer) Patties etc. & in all other cuisines across the world like Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Deserts, Salads etc.

In all other cuisines across the world like Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Hot Dogs, Deserts, Salads etc. Tofu is a healthy delight as being protein as well as minerals rich, Cholesterol & Lactose free having best Medicinal & Nutritional values. Hence Tofu is very best to eat for Lactose intolerants & those who are suffering from problem of high cholesterol & other physiological disorders. Regular consumption of Tofu has best health benefits for Antiaging, Skin complexion, Hair growth & other problems, Cancer, Heart diseases, Kidney problems, Osteoporosis, Lactose intolerance & menopausal problems.